Thursday, August 20, 2009


WebQuests can be alot of fun for students but can also be very time consuming for teachers. If teachers want to use a webquest they need to think about how much time they will have for all students to be able to complete the webquest and if they have enough computers for all students to complete these. The other alternative is for students to work in pairs which will also cut down the amount of time needed for students to complete the webquest. If teachers want to use a webquest they need to think about what the other students who are not on a computer will do in the mean time. will they be doing work sheets? will they be learning about the same information in preparation for doing the webquest? will the webquest be a middle of the unit exercise or will it be used to test the students at the end of the unit?

If teachers wish to use the webquest i think the most time productive way to do would be to use it as a way to test the students at the end of a unit rather than a middle of the unit exercise. The
webquest will need to cover all major points of the unit to ensure the students can and do understand the unit.

Thanks, Stacy

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  1. Hi stacy. I think you bring up a very good point about not having enough computers and making the students work in pairs. Putting the students in pairs is also a good idea time wise. As you said webquests can be very time consuming and expecting every student to come up with their own could be a big ask, with the little time they get each term.
    Cheers casey