Monday, September 14, 2009


Hi All,
Blogs are very interactive and a great way for students and teachers alike to communicate without necesarily having to see each other face to face. If the students are at home working on an assignment and they have questions or queries they can post them and both students and teachers can reply to them. A blog also gives the students a chance to post things that interest them and show more of their personality.
I am currently working with preschool aged children and I have very limited resources at work so I am unable to get my children involved in this experience. Their limited technological knowledge also makes this a stumbling block, though they are learning to use broadlearn and letterland programs for their general computer knowledge.
If I was working with children who were old enough i would give the children to activity of starting their own blogs, posting a picture of themselves if they wish, and they can post ideas, activities and respond to each others ideas and experiences.
Within the experiences they would be doing for their blog they would be asked to write short stories, poems, reports and use various files websites to look up and verify information when writing reports etc.
The students blog would be their way of expressing and discussing ideas and information.
They would also use the blog to respond to their peers ideas and activities.
Use of this blog would give the children a chance to see how they use words and descriptions and see what other children also do in the same situation.
Thanks, stacy.

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