Sunday, September 20, 2009

Digital storytelling

Digital story telling is an amazing way to get children involved in technology, reading and comprehension experiences.
Teaching the children how to make these digital stories themselves will give them a new understanding and appreciation of how much work teachers do behind the scenes when preparing lessons and the like.
The students would be in grade 5, I would ask the children to get into groups of 3-4 children and they can make thier own digital stories, each story would need to have video camera use, powerpoint use and music or voice overs.
The idea of this assessment would be to give the students the opportunity to use the various types of technology they have seen in action in the teachers digital stories, asking the children to use different types of technology in assessment form gives them feedback on how well they used the technology and in turn gives them new skills and ideas to explore.
This type of work gives the children a way to engage in assessment through a medium they usually have limited time to explore.
In giving children the opportunity to explore technology children will be engaged rather than enraged and therefore learning as much as possible through these experiences.

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