Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Students WIKI

Hi all,
My outline for a unit of work follows:
This plan is for grade 9 students. The students need to populate a WIKI based around the queensland education system and how it has changed since it's inception.
Records show that the state government started recording how the education system was run in 1824 up until 1981. The address following shows an outline of the education system in queensland and following the links on the page takes you into various parts of the chronology.

The children will be required to ask their questions of how education has changed, the children can ask what they want to know about how the education system has changed.
They will work in teams of 4 children per team and they will need to do a certain era each.
The era's will be 1824- 1902,
1902 - 1920,
1920 - 1940,
1940 - 1960,
1960 - 1981,
1981- 2009.

The children will need to look at how schools worked in their era, who were the teachers? were they single women who had never married? were they males? were they married women with children? what types of punishments were enforced? what were class sizes like? what was taught and how was it taught? each group needs to pass as much information on as possible to help the rest of the group learn about how the education system has changed and what they may have been up against if they were at school in 1920, for example.

For the final group 1981-2009 they need to interview their parents, older family friends and teachers who may be old enough to know what the system was like back then. They need to find out how they think the education system has changed and how different the teaching styles are in the last 30 years.

Students need to Post their information on the WIKI and comments and posts can be added once the teacher has proofread them. All information needs to be referenced and cited.

Reference lists must be attached to the end of each post to ensure that information can be traced back to its original source.

students names and details must be included in each post to ensure marking is done efficiently and effectively.

Thanks, Stacy.

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