Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Synopsis of lesson plan

Hi All,
My lesson plan will be based around the alphabet and matching letters and sounds to each other.
The children will be asked to work together as a group before moving to the computer work. The children will be asked to match the letters on the board to the first letter of their own names. Once each child has matched the first letter of their names to the matching letter on the board they will be asked to name the remaining letters in their names.

They will then be asked to move to the computers and the quiz will be based around the same idea of recognising letters. We will start the quiz with the first half of the alphabet and children will need to match the letter with a picture which has the name of the picture underneath, by picking the picture and name up with the mouse cursor and matching it with the correct letter.

As the children finish a set of 5 letters they will move up a level, at the end of each level there will be a celebration on screen. Children will then be asked if they want to move to the next level, they can press yes or no and then follow the prompts.
If children wish they can go all through the alphabet and see how much they really can do on their own without help from other people in group.
Children can do this quiz time and time again giving them lots of practice to get the information right and be able to recognise all the letters in the alphabet correctly without prompting from other children or teachers.

To extend this experience i would plan the next experience to be the children finding the letters that make up their name out of a mixed bag of letters and asking the children to put them in order to be displayed.
Thanks, stacy.

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