Sunday, September 13, 2009

Final evaluation

Hi all,
The technologies investigated are many and varied which provides for all children to learn in ways that suit them personally rather than being taught in the way that most of the children seem to learn best. All the differenet technologies all teach in various ways, some teach through reading, some through listening and others by starting a debate, teaching the students also means assessing the students as well to ensure they are learning and can meet the requirements to pass the year level they are in.
The technologies I have investigated are many and varied and were alot of fun to play with, the technologies I enjoyed the most were, playing with the powerpoint and adding voicethreads, On the royalty free website, incompetech, I found a track called deliberate thought by the sites owner kevin mcleod and it is amazing, it is relaxing and definately a song that I now go to sleep to most nights. I have also used it as a rest time song at work with my preschoolers who rest and relax to this song easily.
Wikipedia was generaly not reliable and if used i needed to substantiate the resources myself which is time consuming and not generally on my list of priorities or within time constraints. I do not generally use wikipedia because of the above constraints.
Webquests are a great way to test learning and see if the children are taking in what is being taught. My favourite site we used within this assessment was google earth, i found the house i used to live in and both here and overseas. conversations with lecturers and peers were had about various technologies and i did receieve help when i was unsure of how certain things worked.

I would like to use as many different types of technologies in the class room as possible, things like webquests and the like will give the students a different perspective and understanding of how things work and how they can influence what they learn and help others if possible.
Post, to your Blog, a 1000 word (maximum) reflective synopsis of the technologies you
have investigated and the online conversations you have had with your lecturer and peers. If students are able to teach and learn among themselves this enables the teacher to help students who need one on one attention and therefore meet the needs of all students.

I love technology and i use it as much as possible to ensure teaching and learning is enabled in as many different ways.

Thanks, Stacy.

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